• performance trending
  • competitive analysis
  • product, software and/or service design & development
  • technology, design & manufacturing
  • marketing & sales strategies
  • customer satisfaction & net promoter performance
  • customer life-time value modeling
  • define A/B testing- rinse & repeat

Who are you.

Rest assured. There is definitely a solution. Breaking down the process into clearly defined strategy work streams with strong business domain expertise is the first step. The goal is to work towards defining strategies that can be realized based upon the assets and human capital available. Lastly, a plan is only a document until it is executed and put into practice.

The fact is there is not a "silver bullet" solution as the current state situation has been slowly defined by tiny shifts in the market, and your customers needs. You know the answer, but how to start, where to start? The time and complexity to evaluate your mission critical business strategies is only slightly less daunting than the thought of implementing a shift in business strategies.

Let the thinkers & doer's at The Brink Group do the heavy lifting so you and get back to what you do best.

You have poured your heart and soul into your business. All the things that have made you successful are showing signs of fatigue.



who we are.


The Brink Group is a network of world class thinkers. However, unlike traditional business consulting we participate in the implementation of the newly defined strategies.


Think about that for a minute. 

Did that soak in? We are thinkers and doer's. The Brink Group has expertise in all functional business domains and believes in solving real problems so you can continue to grow your business.